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The flamberge, or “flame-bladed sword” is a type of sword from the medieval period which had a wavy, undulating blade. Used throughout France, Germany, and Spain during the 15th century, in addition to their unique appearance, swords with this type of blade were also more resistant to parrying during sword fights and better at piercing armor. Armor of this period also influenced this collection, as it performed both a functional and aesthetic purpose. 


For my tenth capsule collection, I was inspired by the western landscape of Montana after a recent trip to a dude ranch. From grassy plains to mountainous terrain, the diverse geography holds so much beauty. I find that I am most inspired by the natural world around us, from that I create pieces that remind me of these places. "Night Rider" was an exceptionally stimulating capsule to work on, I'm beginning to experiment with different materials, but what I love most is creating narratives for each collection. 


Inspired by the ocean, Tempest is a collection filled with beautiful shades of blue and unique charms and pendants. Imagine a summer spent in the Amalfi Coast, watching the light bounce off of the crystal blue water as you sit drinking a chilled Aperol Spritz next to a freshly cut bouquet of fragrant white roses. Those of us who live in New York often dream of paradise like this, or at least I do. Tempest is a dreamy escape from reality. 


My love for antique objects was the beginning of Prelude. As some may know, my brand was inspired by my grandma's jewelry that was passed down to me. My grandma, Betty Ann, I remember going to visit her in Wenatchee, Washington and digging through her collection of jewelry and clothes. The most beautiful, opulent objects I had ever seen. She would sit down at her grand piano and serenade us with endless songs while we frilled about in the summer heat. This collection is a serendipitous reflection of the past.