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My love for antique objects was the beginning of Prelude. As some may know, my brand was inspired by my grandma's jewelry that was passed down to me. My grandma, Betty Ann, I remember going to visit her in Wenatchee, Washington and digging through her collection of jewelry and clothes. The most beautiful, opulent objects I had ever seen. She would sit down at her grand piano and serenade us with endless songs while we frilled about in the summer heat. This collection is a serendipitous reflection of the past.


Capsule Seven is inspired by my best-selling necklace "Venus" from my first launch in 2021. Originally, the Venus necklace was designed to oppose the Aphrodite necklace by offering an edgier interpretation of the delicacy that Aphrodite encapsulated. This collection plays on the same aesthetic that was embodied by the original design; the dichotomies between hard and soft, severe and gentle. The mix of metal chains and pearls explores this relationship between the two opposites, coming together to create my largest collection to date.



Inspired by my best-selling necklace "Aphrodite" from my launch in June of 2021, this collection plays on the same aesthetic that grew my brand by use of unique blue and white porcelain beads, vintage repurposed pendants, and eye-catching silhouettes. While creating, it was important for me to research and acknowledge where blue and white porcelain first originated. The blue floral designs, or 青花 (qīng huā, meaning blue flowers/patterns), is most famous in Chinese pottery and porcelain where the style grew in popularity and was eventually adopted by other parts of the world. The first Chinese example of 青花 dates back to the seventh century in Henan province (河南省, Hénán Shěng) located in the central part of China, often referred to as 中州 (zhongzhou, which means central plain). The delicate floral designs inspired me to create this collection, which evokes both the rich history of blue and white porcelain and embodies a romantic aesthetic. Without further ado, I am excited to share with you the full "Aphrodite" collection.